Ok, we’ve got this running, so lets make it a bit more difficult.

This month you can pick any subject you want. Choose one daily. It can be anything, but you cannot repeat it during the whole month. You may represent it in any artistic way you like. The challenge is that  you can’t repeat the representation medium during five straight days.


Day 1: I choose flowers, and I take a PHOTO. (I can’t choose flowers again trough the whole month/I can’t take pics during the next five days)

Day 2: I choose people, and I make a poem. (I can’t choose people as a subject in this month anymore/I cant’ write during the next five days)

Day 3: I choose sky, and I film something. (No more skies this month/No more movies in five days)

Day 4: I choose Truth, and make a drawing. (Truth is chosen, I cannot pick that subject again this month/I cannot draw during the next five days)

Day 5: I choose animals, and make a sculpture. (No more animals/No more sculptures for five days)

Day 6: I choose cell phones, and now five days have passed, so I can repeat photography, if a wish to.

And so on…

I believe it’s perfectly clear, so go ahead and create art!

And don’t forget to share!


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