Join the challenge!

Welcome to the 2014 Challenge!

It consists in performing several artistic activities, which will vary each month, and have to be done daily.


  1. Each month an artistic task will be given (for example: taking an action picture, writing a short story, etc). The participant has to accomplish one product per day in order to succeed.
  2. Each product has to be created in a different day. For example, taking 30 photos in one day for all the month would be cheating.
  3. The products can be delivered in a weekly basis. For example, if the task is to take pictures, the seven pics of the week can be uploaded on sunday. Just remember to shoot each one on a different day.
  4. Each day’s product has to be posted in a different entry.
  5. The participant can join for a specific month, or try to beat the Epic whole 2014 Challenge and join the whole year.
  6. All the production has to be original and created by the blog owner artist.
  7. If you want to participate just pick your blog, and start creating!
  8. Be creative, share, and have fun!

This is, actually, a challenge for myself. Anyway, I thought it would be funnier if I shared it with the world, so there it is. If you want to participate, join in! If you don’t want to take the “challenge” thing and just want to participate sporadicly, go ahead. The main thing is to have fun and create a lot of art. Be sure to share your blogs if you want to take part. 😉

Check the posts:


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