January 30


Charles’ worst nightmare was being trapped in the top of a tall tower, with nothing around him but a deathly fall. He used to live in a third floor, a big deal to someone who’s afraid of heights.

One day there was an earthquake, so strong that the building came down. Luckily, his bedroom didn’t fell down. But he was trapped, just like in his nightmares.

The force of the earthquake made it imposible for rescuers to reach him. Suddenly, he heard a baby crying. One floor above, in a bassinet, and very close to the edge. If he didn’t do something the baby could fall in any moment, but he was petrified by his fobia.

The bassinet started to slide slowly, but his muscles where obstructed by his fear. Then, a beautiful flamingo flew to the place where the baby was, trying to help. Charles knew he should help too, so he climbed and reached the baby. Charles protected him about three hours until the rescuers came. Just then, the flamingo flew away.

Charles stopped being afraid of heights.

Short story created from the words: flamingo, obstruct, bedroom.


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