January 28

The Ark and Cathedral

Since the cataclysm, in the year 2043, the human race has been pushed to live in The Ark. This is how we named the ship that takes us through space in our search for a new home.

– Beta Sector, coordinates 20531-55794, approaching Cathedral, start descent.

After 21 months from our last visit to a planet, we found this one, named Cathedral, after the forms created by rocks, which resemble Notre Dame in the extinct Paris. The commander thinks that it may be suitable for life. The last one was perfect, except for a virus we caught. It absorbs oxygen from the blood. We half of our population.

– Recon Unit,  go!

I’m in the recognition team. My job is to look for hazardous inhabitants before risking the colony.

–Mike! Look over there, what’s that?

– It seems like a giant caterpillar.

– We should check if it’s hostile. Mike, to the right, Pete and I will give you cover.

Before he approached laser shots came from the rocks, it was a trap. The Zordians, the ones who destroyed our planet Earth, were here to exterminate us.

Short story created from the words: caterpillar, absorb, cathedral.


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