January 26

The Secret Ingredient

The Black Polar Bear is a bar that opened in New Orleans. It was an average place, with average music, and average decoration, but still tons of people attended to it. What made everybody rush to that place? The Life Elixir.

The Life Elixir was their most famous drink. A dark red drink served in a martini glass with a bit of black liquid swimming in it and a dark cherry in the bottom. Everyone who tasted it loved it.

Yet famous, the drink’s recipe was a top secret. Some people deduced that it had red wine, vodka, kahlua and orange juice, but no body could ever reproduce the drink outside of the bar.

The Black Polar Bear became famous all around the world. Travel magazines and entertainment TV shows were eager to cover the news.

Eventually, everybody started to ask for the recipe. The manager finally gave an interview in which he mentioned the known ingredients, but kept an ingredient that they import as a secret.

Years later the owner of the bar died, revealing the secret ingredient: Cockroach.

Short story created from the words: cockroach, import, bar.


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