January 25

The Fearless Mike Spitey, Part 2

… Mike looked around to find his saviour. A tall silhouette appeared at the door.

– Who are you?

The mysterious cowboy walked inside. Mike recognised him…self.

– I’m Buffalo Spitey. I think you can guess that you have a twin.

– Maybe. If I didn’t have a cobra under my pants scratching against my… other cobra; if you know what I mean.

Buffalo helped him to get safe.

– So… you’re my evil twin?

– Yes, and I came to kill you.

– What? You could’ve let me fall over the piranhas then.

– I want people to think that you’re dead. The sheriff put a price over your head. People tried to kill me. That’s how I discovered that I had a twin. If you “die”, we can do whatever we want for the rest of our lives. Nobody offers a reward for a ghost; if you know what I mean.

The twins burned down the barn. Everybody thought that Mike was dead. From that day on, if they stole a store, people would say:

That's just a ghost. The ghost of the fearless Mike Spitey.

Short story created from the words: buffalo, scratch, store.


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