January 21

Eternal friend

Josh is my friend. My imaginary friend. He’s awesome! We’ve all kinds of adventures everyday! Sometimes people look at us as if we were crazy, but we don’t mind.

The other day we fought a huge dragon to free a princess from a dungeon. Josh got burned in one hand, because he hold his metal shield against the dragon’s fire to protect me. At the end the princess healed his hand and gave him a kiss.

I also saved Josh once. We were travelling the galaxy in search of dangers, when suddenly we saw Mars preparing hundreds of battleships to attack the Earth. We beat most of their army, but more came out. When I turned around, I saw Josh in trouble, with three Martian spaceships behind him. I had no more ammo, so I pushed one of them with my ship, making the rest collide. Finally they fled and we turned back to Earth.

Mom always says that Josh isn’t real, but he is. He died 5 years ago, before we moved in, and now he comes to play.

Short story created from the words: dragon, travel, Mars


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