January 20

Statue people

He was always at the ceiling, waiting for something to happen. Just letting the time go by. He didn’t even drink, or eat, or laugh, or cry. He was a graveyard.

Time goes by, and makes things change. He changed too. His skin started to melt down. His bones became stones, so he couldn’t move anymore. His eyes drown out. His face faded. What once was a human being, now was a statue.

His niece, Linda, is the whole oposite. She is 9 years old and is always happy. One day she went to visit Fred (oh, by the way, his name is Fred), but found him in that sad situation.

Linda, who is very kind, brewed a delicious tea for him. Since he had no face anymore (therefore, no mouth), she just spilled the drink over him. At that moment he started to move… But, not as expected. He became a puddle in the floor.

Linda prepared another infusion and spilled it. The puddle moved like a snake, taking human form again.

Fred came back, and waited no more.

Short story created from the words: snake, brew, graveyard.


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