January 18

A rural life

– The one thing I love the most in life? The city! I don’t understand how people can live outside. In the city you have everything you want, at any time you want, it’s the perfect life!

– Yeah, but I love watching the sky. You can’t see it in the city, with all those skyscrapers.

– Of course you can! I love how the reflection of the clouds looks in the windows of the buildings. It’s like having two skies. And when the sky is clean, it paints the city in blue.

– When the sky is clean… How can you live with so much pollution? Air pollution, noise pollution… you have noise all day and all night.

– Yeah, well, I guess it has it’s cons. But it’s great to have music all night through, we can dance and party and so.

– You never sleep. That’s why you die from stress disorders.

– Try to tell me one thing that you can’t find in the city.

– Mmm… a tiger?

– Well, there’s the zoo.

– Mmm… Trees? Peacefulness?

– There are parks, and spas.

– … a rural life.

Short story created from the words: tiger, dance, skyscraper.


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