January 17

Silent night

The couple somehow managed to escape into an old cowshed. It had been a while since they saw the murderer behind them. Maybe they did lost him.

It was late, so they decided to rest. But as soon as they were ready to sleep, a disturbing noise came from outside. It was a baby crying.

The boy got up and looked outside, taking cover, just making sure it wasn’t a trap, like the one that killed his friend Josh a few hours ago. There was no sign of the killer, but the cry was very close. Suddenly, the cry stopped. It was silent a few seconds, then the girl shouted her lungs out. He turned around quickly, thinking the worst had happened.

False alarm, it was just a cow. But, why did the baby stopped crying so abruptly? There was just one reason. Again the girl shouted, now pointing towards the boy. He turned his face and saw the knife up high. A clean cut directly to the throat. Then the murderer walked towards the shouting girl.

–Welcome to hell.

Short story created from the words: cow, cry, hell.


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