January 16

The Fearless Mike Spitey, Part 1

Mike Spitey is one of those guys who have guts. He has never been seen afraid. His frightlessness made Spitey a dangerous bandido. He goes from town to town stealing banks, wine and girls. Then returns to Desperado, his hometown, for protection. Whatever he steals (well, just the money, he usually keeps the wine and chicks for himself) is shared with everybody in town. He’s like a wild west Robin-Hood, so everyone at Desperado protects him from both: authorities and his avenging enemies.

Rudo Jameson, Wacky McNeil and John Nashville –other bandits whose income has decreased because of Mike’s activity– finally caught him. He’s inside an empty barn, with his feet and hands tied, hanging upside down over a pond filled with piranhas, and a cobra trapped under his pants. And still he has no fear. But… has time come for Mike Spitey to pay all what he has done?

Mike can only think of the space. He imagines himself living in other planets, visiting stars, when suddenly, he hears three shots. His enemies fall down. But… who saved him?…

Half of a short story created from the words: cobra, pay, space.

To be continued soon, with other three random words. Wait for it…


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