January 13

Best advice

There he was, reaching the top of the world. In that moment, a few steps away from the highest peak, he could only think of one thing: his mother’s words. “Reach to the top”, she always told him, “no matter which profession you choose”. She, and her words, were there, pushing him to the limit, to beat the challenge of the Everest.

His mother didn’t want him to be an alpinist. She wanted him to cook lasagnas at an Italian restaurant, or manage important business at Wall Street. But he chose the adventure path.

With his mother’s words in mind, he kept walking tirelessly, like a centipede, until finally placing the flag. There he was, at 29,029 feet over the sea level. He took a deep breath, admired the landscape, and got a large can from his bag. “A promise is a promise”, he said, and opened the can letting the ashes get out. Some fell over the ice, and some more flew with the wind through the infinite sky.

–Thank you for your words mom… We reached the top.

Short story created from the words: centipede, to cook, Everest


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